Our Story

Whether you call it Pil, ‘Sner, “Vitamin P” or “Saskatchewan Champagne”, Old Style Pilsner is a tasty brew that takes you right to the heart of Pil Country. And it has been since 1926. For generations we’ve kept the same quality taste with that same crazy label. Well, back in ‘57 someone thought they should “modernize” the label. But after a year of angry riots and hunger strikes, we changed the label back and order was restored. To this day, you can crack open a cold Pil with the bunny, the brewery, the crows, the coach, the car, the monks, the mountains, the plane, the train and the teepee.

At Pilsner we have not changed our beer ingredients since it was first brewed in 1926. Why? It’s right there on the bottle…. “old style”. Those are more than just words on a beloved label. Being true to who we are has kept our drinkers loyal and kept Pilsner from being a fad.